Phone Phorm and Phunction

While I'm a proud iPhone owner and a lifelong Mac fan, I really respect what I keep seeing coming from the design team at Nokia.

PSFK pointed out a cross-cultural, international study that Nokia conducted recently about how we carry our phones. It also qualitatively measured the differences in the different ways we "carry" other essentials.

One of the key insights for me is the notion that there are three primary things we all carry:

• keys
• money
• phone

Keys and money connect us to safety, security and sustenance. A phone allows us to "transcend space and time."

For my b2b clients, my non-profit clients and my healthcare clients -- are there similar "essentials?" What are they and how can we create experiences that complement these artifacts?

As I continue to navigate these personally uncharted waters, I continue to be amazed at what I have yet to learn. So many questions to answer.

Check out the slideshow that Nokia prepared. Let me know if you find other insights worth mining. I'd love to discuss them.