Molecular Musings

So, according to this article in today's New York Times, molecular microprocessors have been a concept for some time. Not to bury the lead, but HP has finally found a way (at least applied for a patent to stake the claim) to make this concept a reality. Where does this intersect with marketing and the marketing function as a service? Will we be able to embed these organic processors into product designs that change the makeup of the product based on decisions made? Will they allow us to create perpetually regenerating products that reduce waste? How will people become even closer to brands with these nano-processors? Or, will they just enhance what we've already got to allow more efficient design, energy consumption, etc.?

image: Atom Tat by edgeplot via Flickr

As technology shrinks in size and expands in capacity, it seems that we become ever more reliant on human contact. The closer the mechanism gets to the nucleus of the atom, the more embedded technology becomes in our lives and the more it allows us to connect with those of like mind to us.

I'm wandering here, but I'm also wondering.


Faster than a speeding bullet?

Wired pointed me to this breathtaking video. It is truly awe-inspiring to look at something in a completely new way.