My Manifesto

There are a lot of smart people in this business. Northern Planner, Zeus Jones and brand new among many others. I've been reading a lot of their stuff lately and reflecting on many things.

One: it's amazing that someone can keep posting regular entries to a blog. It takes so much dedication.

Two: I need to more clearly define my beliefs when it comes to this communication biz. The world seems to have changed orbit in the last two years and I've been searching for meaning. To that end, I've put together my first attempt at a definition of who I am.

Here goes nothing.

Throughout my career, I've connected buyers more closely with sellers by solving my clients' marketing problems with strategic thinking and tactical innovation. I've been plying my trade in "traditional" advertising agencies for 14 years and have realized that business model doesn't match my passions any longer. The world has changed dramatically and my desire to actively participate in this revolution requires a more progressive business climate.

• I believe in knowledge, experience and collaboration.
• I question everything and know there's more than one answer out there.
• I am a fervent believer in expression and constantly seek to build relationships.
• I can manage projects.
• I can synthesize new information and effectively communicate it to others.
• I present very well.
• I always want to turn the rock over and consider it from the perspective of the worm.

The fire still burns inside of me and I want to pass the light on to others. (Care to join hands and sing Kumbaya?)

In many ways, I wrote this from a professional perspective, but so many of my thoughts work for the personal sphere as well. Pollyanna? Maybe. This stuff has been floating around my head lately and I just had to get it down somewhere.

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