Question of the Day

What are we doing here?

Questions are important to me. Like staying up all night for my project the other night, I hope I never take curiosity for granted. Lately, my questions have verged on the existential. Nothing new for a fellow in the waning days of his third decade.

Northern Planner
had an interesting post on why we choose this business. I admire his optimism and his altruistic belief. I've noticed that is a pattern for him. He seems like a glass-half-full person.

For me, the reason is more specific and somewhat selfish. I see the moment of revelation — the connection you build with someone where the light bulb goes off — as almost narcotic. Lights in the eyes because of a great strategy. A relationship with a customer where they see value. That's fun and that's what keeps me coming back every day.

That's what keeps me asking the questions. Trying to get to the bottom (or top) of something so that I can see that moment of understanding again. It's worth all the bruises and scrapes.

Sometimes it takes reminding myself of that point.

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